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- RF is funny. It still is way underpriced compared to production costs so i guess the stock might not ...2010.08.13 15:48:00
- Hi,Just wanted to get some quick tips on lowering the broker fee and tax as much as possible on a pu ...2010.08.13 14:47:00
- Can someone clarify this thread for me? No need to name any items, just explain the gist plox. This ...2010.08.11 15:51:00
- eve-central though tries to actually extract real trades from the uploaded market logs as far as I ...2010.08.03 16:15:00
- The only information you get is number of trades and total moved amount, that's it and there is no o ...2010.08.03 16:07:00
- Someone sold me a plex for 3mil when they were worth 300mil but i used it. Does that count? ;) ...2010.07.28 04:13:00
- For those who want to have some semi-automatic dumping:'s somewhat c ...2010.07.26 17:53:00
- Dude if you set your collateral higher then what your stuff is worth then people are just going to a ...2010.07.26 17:38:00
- Last week it dropped 20m. Can somebody explain this.Hulkageddon III speculation ...2010.07.24 10:21:00
- Mandatory console-mode EVE linkage.I would pay EXTRA to have access to a client like that. It would ...2010.07.21 19:47:00
- Oh what did Akita say?Buy low, sell high.Nonono, sell low, buy high ...2010.07.21 16:41:00
- A Freighter has what? 960k cargo space?That'd be 96 of your courier orders at 1m isk reward each (If ...2010.07.21 14:55:00
- EANM II's just sent up to 3mil a piece, they've been going up since tyranis, from like 500k to 3milT ...2010.07.18 18:04:00

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