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- Wait for EveHQ 2 and/or contribute to that. ...2010.12.16 16:18:00
- Lo-sec is broken because there isn't enough buckets of isk lying aroundOr because there are too many ...2010.12.15 22:52:00
- Edited by: Enord Loej on 15/12/2010 21:05:48 Low sec is pretty much pointless for most of EVE. If ...2010.12.15 22:02:00
- I love players who roam/control areas of low/null sec and kill anyone who tries to pass. Those type ...2010.12.15 16:32:00
- Was that just being stupid, or were you trying to pump up nocx prices even more? I can sympathize wi ...2010.12.14 18:36:00
- So will see the price of Nocxium to grow until it will become more profitable to mine ore high on No ...2010.12.14 02:10:00
- I been doing a lot of L3's in a cane lately getting random standings up, heres my .02. Most people ...2010.12.11 16:29:00
- Usually MD only talks of PI when someone wants the price to go up (so they can sell off some of thei ...2010.12.10 05:39:00
- There are many T1 items that seem to give more profit than T2 items. You have to remember that move ...2010.12.10 04:59:00
- Edited by: rain9441 on 09/12/2010 23:14:47Echelon needs to be rereleased as a space hotel. ...2010.12.09 23:15:00
- Fantastic. Exactly the kind of info I'm looking for. Keep it rolling please, the more specific exa ...2010.12.09 22:08:00
- Some of you may know that I'm part of a movement to create a low sec faction warfare resupply hub ou ...2010.12.09 16:51:00
- I have some minerals up for sale. I can arrange for more to come down I just haven't bothered since ...2010.12.09 03:34:00
- Confirmed, ISK/effort increases when processors and extractors are on the same planet. Has nothing ...2010.12.08 20:45:00
- Loaded questions:Should you sell the ore? If you get more for the ore than the minerals, yes. Shou ...2010.12.08 19:50:00

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