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- Wow certainly is a very good Gallente HAC pilot can picture me gettting a LOT of new kills with this ...2008.03.23 08:10:00
- I am having the EXACT same problem who do i need to contact to get it fixed because its doing my hea ...2007.10.18 00:44:00
- I'm with Doom, but I ain't tounging anybody crack.lmao.... oh c'mon where's your sense of adventure ...2007.09.11 23:23:00
- oh hell I'll kiss CCP's ass openly I fkinn love this game any1 who can create such a masterpiece des ...2007.09.11 23:14:00
- I have dreamed of a game like this since I played Elite. Any other players out there ever play the e ...2007.09.11 22:52:00
- Hey, you gotta admit these threads are a funny way to pass the time whilst the server is down, espec ...2007.09.11 22:41:00

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