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- logoff mechanics: a bane to small gang PvP Research, it was on the second page. Second, there is n ...2011.02.12 03:33:00
- Edited by: Gavjack Bunk on 11/02/2011 12:55:01 I still can't believe CCP would change something in ...2011.02.11 16:07:00
- But I think that is hard to the server side to have LOTS of empty cans in space....If CCP does some ...2011.02.10 19:21:00
- Eve is full of scams perpetuated by alts, with no contact to the main character. Many people fund w ...2011.02.10 05:01:00
- You missed the point of the post...the title mentions small gang pvp (something like 2-5 ships). "B ...2011.02.08 00:15:00
- Trade is fine, its working as intended. What you missed is the following: why could the person not ...2011.02.07 17:53:00
- You have a week to accept any mission offered when requested or do not need to request a mission aft ...2011.02.05 20:02:00
- My point of view is rather different, i think the maelstrom is the best considering those factors. ...2011.02.05 03:01:00
- Quick break down where you are weak for a Rattlesnake:shield management III - get to 4 asap, +5% shi ...2011.02.05 02:31:00
- My suggestion would be that the reward MUST be atleast 10% of the collateral. Then don't accept it ...2011.02.03 05:04:00
- Edited by: Monte Shill on 03/02/2011 04:42:42 1. Don't buy local spammed contracts. 99% of the tim ...2011.02.03 04:37:00
- Yeah... and now it magically corrected itself! EVEmon is not a CCP product, its a third party "app ...2011.02.03 02:24:00
- I just received a Lvl 3 mission in Kusomonmon V - Moon 9 - Caldari Navy Testing Facilities from Ueda ...2011.01.30 03:15:00
- Nope. Despite all the carebear tears Level 5 missions were all moved to lowsec. Hopefully Level 4 mi ...2011.01.28 22:43:00
- Simple solutionMake supporting player criminals in a Incursion site no longer a criminal offense.Sim ...2011.01.27 18:08:00

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