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- I'm probably missing something basic (I usually am) but why is everyone so opposed to the idea that ...2009.05.08 09:04:00
- Edited by: Isakova on 07/05/2009 21:26:33 I think an interesting solution would be to make deadspac ...2009.05.07 21:26:00
- What amuses me is ninja high sec salvagers using the word carebear as an insult. Seriously, 0 risk ...2009.05.07 21:17:00
- Here's the problem. My scram doesn't work at 20-50km, which is generally the distanced travelled in ...2009.05.07 21:11:00
- Having had a quick think about this, my solution would be:No bookmarking deadspace. Would mean if y ...2009.05.07 20:23:00
- I agree, I think the problem being I measure how fair and balanced an issue is by what alternative / ...2009.05.07 19:57:00
- perhaps then mission intruders (in hi-sec) should get nerfed?how about all unknown pilots upon enter ...2009.05.07 19:32:00
- I can probe out mission space, get in, bm it, warp out, get my salvager, warp back again, start salv ...2009.05.07 19:29:00
- What a clever and funny individual you are, really, well done you. How clever. ...2009.05.07 19:24:00
- Yes nice cut and paste.Completely overlooking my point.Ninja salvaging in mission deadspace is prett ...2009.05.07 19:22:00
- First off let me say, I've done it and I've had it done to me. Since resubbing my second account it ...2009.05.07 19:17:00
- The mature players in EVE wont be found in local chat or pew pew can action. Infact I saw you in Do ...2009.05.07 19:08:00
- Of course not, as I mentioned, it's far easier to just type out a few paragraphs than walk away from ...2009.04.30 23:06:00
- How cutting.Seriously, it's a game. If you don't like the direction it's heading, walk away. It's ...2009.04.30 22:55:00
- This pretty much highlights a few things I think people have wrong with EVE these days, and is prett ...2009.04.30 22:46:00

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