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- Dianabolic on towers in 49-: "Errrm, we will, as I say, maintain the towers for as they they can be ...2009.06.23 03:46:00
- First off is a vision. Without a vision your organization will be viewed as just another fish in t ...2009.05.03 00:05:00
- Those guys blew up a rifter of mine once, I think.It was pretty traumatic!That's an awful lot of :wo ...2009.04.17 16:40:00
- Reports coming in now.Are you guys going to petition CCP to fix your alliance name or is it intentio ...2009.04.12 05:56:00
- Thanks for the stations, you realy didnt have to You guys are hilarious! What would we do without yo ...2009.04.10 12:21:00
- Go Bee Keepers !!!!What does this even mean? I am but a poor stupid goonie and do not understand.I t ...2009.04.06 01:00:00
- Goddamn goon alts. This is like 90% goon alts, 5% disillusional people, and 5% real people.protip: ...2009.03.25 21:39:00
- This is a fantastic idea. ...2009.03.24 03:38:00
- It is unacceptable that this physics change allows capships to move faster than my rifter. Please f ...2009.03.24 03:36:00
- The saveable/exportable/importable fittings browser thing is very slick. One thing that would make ...2009.03.11 13:58:00
- Ratting is not PvE, it is ratting. Mission running is PvE, just for you empty headed trolling PvP pl ...2009.03.11 07:03:00
- As this link shows on the left hand column alliance list, goons are getting their allies to do every ...2009.03.08 13:53:00
- Edited by: Zzelle on 08/03/2009 06:26:26 ...2009.03.08 04:38:00
- Started playing with this tonight. I'm going to have to reread some of this thread and fiddle with ...2009.03.06 11:10:00
- sent ...2009.03.04 09:37:00

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