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- Currently in my own little corp of RL friends but for a while now we more or less have been taking a ...2011.09.04 16:38:00
- yes ...2011.09.04 01:38:00
- Edited by: Sgt Blade on 03/09/2011 22:38:08 ahh I remember this scam when contracts was first intro ...2011.09.03 22:38:00
- Edited by: Bane Necran on 30/08/2011 20:17:51 Nobody has been arrested.Well there's your problem.Wh ...2011.08.30 23:39:00
- Edited by: Sgt Blade on 24/08/2011 23:23:14 Edited by: Mors Magne on 24/08/2011 14:44:22 I take it ...2011.08.24 23:19:00
- Yeah. As a karate expert, I feel it clearly demonstrates that God hates Obama for refusing to deport ...2011.08.24 14:39:00
- I take it no one here has spent a long time in China before? ...2011.08.24 14:26:00
- In an amusing follow up, America wants to know what China needs the carrier for.Why does any country ...2011.08.13 01:44:00
- not rioting in London because rioting was so last weekend ...2011.08.13 01:23:00
- Fitting out a Kronos and noticed something that might not be right. Using 425mm rails on my fitted K ...2011.08.11 14:11:00
- I wonder if the Snipers are also chanting Allah akbar. If so who's side did god choose I wonder.God ...2011.08.10 09:06:00
- WTH I go on holiday for 2 months and now that I'm back we have idiots rioting, looting and generally ...2011.08.09 17:55:00
- once we build a pc though, where do we put it any recommendations on computer tables. most tables l ...2011.08.02 03:19:00
- stuffcurrently in mainland China, can confirm that all Chinese citizens are ready to wage war agains ...2011.07.31 07:09:00
- and this is why drug are bad, no matter how much potential,talent or success you can achieve, drugs ...2011.07.24 14:29:00

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