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- advanced macros can actually respond to that, chatchyas only makes it hard for begginers macroers an ...2011.07.01 21:24:00
- Ok, so this may be a bit of a retro idea, and may be suggested as a crazy idea.It seems like now a d ...2011.07.01 20:24:00
- im still looking for where to cancel my sub, where did ccp hided it? ...2011.06.24 22:40:00
- For the most part, a large signature radius will cancel any benefits from high speed. For turrets, i ...2011.06.21 16:37:00
- War and PVP are the best isk sinks. Hulkageddon is another great ISK sink.The best ISK sink would b ...2011.06.16 01:26:00
- /agreed sc need a nerf or every ship in eveneed a buff, make it happend. ...2011.04.28 19:32:00
- why dont they nerf lv 4 too, im currently doing missions because im earning around the same amounts ...2011.03.26 23:30:00
- caps take for ever to lock something even with sensor boosters, if you are in a hac gang/bc theres n ...2010.08.16 20:45:00
- blaster mega was king of the hill <2006 got nerfed several times eos was king, got nerfed tar ...2010.05.26 11:52:00
- /signed ...2010.05.09 05:09:00
- /signed ...2009.08.10 08:32:00

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