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- My delicious Vindi. In retrospect, I should've shut down the hardeners... but I just love the sense ...2011.04.18 01:12:00
- Tattoos, piercings, big huge scar, pose, lighting. I am quite happy with myself right now. ...2011.04.07 03:08:00
- "Ugh, enough about you! We both know I'm better than you'll ever be." ...2011.02.27 05:47:00
- Incarna and Dust would be horizontal. Your other examples are features that have appeared in othe ...2011.02.04 17:26:00
- Comparing other "expansions" of MMOs to EVE's (which is utterly silly in and of itself), you should ...2011.02.04 16:24:00
- Good sweet lord, there's so many duds in there... There really needs to be a "both lose" option! ...2011.01.29 23:00:00
- Smiles are boring.Evil knowing smirks are much more exciting. ...2011.01.27 04:47:00
- In PvE, I personally use a Vindi, but a Kronos with faction ammo will exceed it in DPS while still r ...2011.01.26 19:33:00
- And it never ceases to amaze how morons like this forget that its CCP's game and that they haven't ...2011.01.24 00:37:00
- My kingdom for a height slider. ...2011.01.22 02:28:00
- Looks kinda mannish. 6/10 ...2011.01.22 01:41:00
- Eh. It's hard to improve on something that's already good. All the little details start to add up ve ...2011.01.22 00:30:00
- It's a lot easier to see in motion, but the sparkly bits are the new part. ...2011.01.20 05:37:00
- I have to say, you guys have outdone yourselves with this one. I am in LOVE with the new explosion e ...2011.01.20 05:34:00
- Edited by: Terazul on 19/01/2011 05:48:24 Mother****er. ...2011.01.19 05:48:00

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