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- Should I train 12 days for a logistics ship and get some practice in that before flying a rep carrie ...2010.02.26 08:57:00
- btw,How do you calculate align time? Is there a formula?Thanks, Plug your fit and skills into EFT ...2010.02.19 08:14:00
- Fit 6 gang links or go home.Sure if you giving bonus's to big 0.0 fleets while sat in a pos, if your ...2010.02.15 11:48:00
- Fit 6 gang links or go home. ...2010.02.15 09:01:00
- It costs a lot 80-90m is "a lot of money" these days? LOL. It's not even the most expensive friga ...2010.02.14 13:02:00
- A ship that can salvage without decloaking ...2010.02.13 20:50:00
- How do you squeeze a 400mm plate and a neut into a claw? I can't see a reasonable way to do it, not ...2010.02.13 00:41:00
- You can't increase the CPU/grid, but you can fit more mods into the POS by using faction mods which ...2010.02.10 19:52:00
- Heh. I'm considering training an alt for supercarrier parking so that I can get one for my main, but ...2010.02.10 15:30:00
- And the basilisk with its energy transfer is going to rep more than a scimitar but is easier for an ...2010.02.08 19:00:00
- Doesn't Eagle have the option of swapping to medium-range ammo to get similar (not as much, but fair ...2010.02.06 23:20:00
- Nidhoggur pilots use shield tank because filling lows with CPRs (preferrably faction - they're not t ...2010.02.03 19:44:00
- Naglfar turrets go back a bit, then extend, then slide forward. Revelation and Moros turrets extend ...2010.01.16 18:28:00
- Use it like it's supposed to be used: RADAR Backup Array II Co-Processor II Co-Processor IIComman ...2010.01.15 18:42:00
- How exactly do you go about soloing something in a logistics ship? ...2010.01.07 21:16:00

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