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- How the blazes do I get ahold of my character's portrait like everyone else is? I can't even find m ...2011.01.19 01:26:00
- This combined with new divisions for corp fittings could make newb wrangling easier than ever before ...2009.07.11 06:15:00
- This idea is made of win and awesome, and I want it to be implemented. ...2009.07.08 17:50:00
- Once you get past it being filmed entirely in klingon with english subtitles, it's a very good movie ...2009.05.08 08:25:00
- There once was a young lad named doc Whose lovelife kept him up 'round the clockSome women cheered ...2009.05.08 08:22:00
- Nothing. That is all. ...2009.05.02 08:59:00
- Edited by: Alexi Borizkova on 21/03/2009 09:02:36 I always liked the Raven from the old eve lego th ...2009.03.21 09:02:00
- We've lost more ships to it than it has gotten us kills so far, and I still say it's the best thing ...2009.03.17 16:04:00
- I have personally used hardin's service before, and he is both prompt, and trustworthy. Turning ove ...2009.03.11 08:38:00
- Yo dawg, I heard you like bacon in your bacon.....optimus bacon, but that would have beenYo dawg, I ...2009.02.10 01:17:00
- Let say no. Frankly I think that it is a bit much as is, to be able to train, let say, per/wil skil ...2009.02.10 00:52:00
- I think the reason people are complaining is because of the precedence these two examples set. That ...2009.02.06 13:29:00
- Crab people? HIDDDDAAAAAAA!!! ...2009.02.06 12:27:00
- I saw this in my box today from mmorpg, and I have to say I am greatly disappointed with ccp just on ...2009.02.06 09:05:00
- I would just like to confirm that contrary to what other posters may say, the UK is a sinkhole of pu ...2009.01.30 10:44:00

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