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- Yah same here, ive been playing on and off the last 2 years, i just started PVPing 6 months ago. Bef ...2011.06.08 17:11:00
- You guys could make EVE Amsterdam; hoes, drugs and alcohol. Perfect for EVE Folk. And its good for m ...2011.06.02 08:43:00
- I also agree that Pirates are OK in EVE.... i opt for a POLL to check how many people think that pir ...2011.04.26 14:12:00
- Hey guys, I have a question too, whats with this aggro timer in FW?If i aggres, i have a 60s flag on ...2011.04.23 15:10:00
- Quit mining, i have perfect hulk skills, the day i quit was the day EvE got 200 times better, PVP al ...2011.04.10 09:16:00
- I have to agree, Factional warfare does give you alot of fights, i never have to roam long to get a ...2011.03.25 18:21:00
- Hahaha that's some funny **** :PSchwarzenegger: "Get inside the POS-Shield! Now!" , "You guys are go ...2011.02.12 09:35:00
- Edited by: munitqua on 27/01/2011 12:23:02 Its there in the patchnotes!User Interface•Non-agent NPC ...2011.01.27 12:22:00
- the problem I've been having is I just can't get neuts off my overview, they just won't filter out.I ...2011.01.26 10:50:00
- Edited by: munitqua on 21/01/2011 11:03:27 Maybe we should all compare and select the best ones for ...2011.01.21 11:02:00
- Can I has your iskies if you quit? i didnt say i was quitting, nor did i say i was mad, its just thi ...2011.01.20 15:43:00
- suicide ganking is fun. THE ENDYEAHH!!! ...2011.01.20 12:09:00
- Edited by: munitqua on 13/01/2011 13:35:39Yah i cant do any Tutorials! Ive tried 5 or 6 agents. Anyw ...2011.01.13 12:51:00
- You're welcome. You should be able to access the Minmatar Tutorial, Career and Circle Agents with th ...2011.01.13 10:14:00
- If you cannot spend a lot of time babysitting your orders, do not sit in Jita. Jita is great for peo ...2011.01.10 12:39:00

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