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- This will be a possibility in some or all stations with the ambulation patch. Proof or STFU. ...2007.09.01 11:07:00
- It's easy.Gallente bring their fine wines, cheeses from around the galaxy, "Biggest Poets of the 23k ...2007.09.01 11:06:00
- PvP in all honor, but I preffer going for the prey, always fun to prey on the weak. You look weak to ...2007.09.01 11:05:00
- This can't be good. ...2007.09.01 11:04:00
- Getting concorded should definitely not pay out insurance. It makes no sense like this, and means th ...2007.09.01 11:04:00
- I think it did. ...2007.09.01 11:02:00
- griefing all of empire and successfully raising the average wait time of NPC slots by at least 25% o ...2007.09.01 11:02:00
- TYhats all very nice and all. Its a shame its completley wrong. isk cost IS a measure of a ships p ...2007.09.01 11:01:00
- How about when you're mwd-ing you can't lock targets or activate certain modules just like when you ...2007.09.01 10:59:00
- I would probably be a scourge. ...2007.09.01 10:59:00
- I want to try it when it comes. ...2007.09.01 10:58:00

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