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- 1. How frequently, if ever, do you purchase GTC with real money? - rarely, thats about 0-2 times a ...2010.12.21 12:11:00
- Thanks Amerilia. I kind of guessed I could do that but I was hopeing for someone to speak from ex ...2010.09.09 12:12:00
- A Geforce 9600GT with 1Gb RAM should do the trick. They're rather cheap nowadays. It runs Eve at 168 ...2010.09.09 12:05:00
- 2 GFX cars in a year? Chances are something on your PC is borked, and it will take another ano soon ...2010.09.09 12:02:00
- What would you put it next to?The Trash It option has to go next to something after all, and whether ...2010.09.07 17:06:00
- Thanks for explaining it to me...Must be a long queue Thread is now over!Nothing to see here!Move ...2010.09.02 14:06:00
- yes, press alt f4, double click on chromeWhy would i turn on an invulnerability field and then click ...2010.08.29 18:11:00
- the thread lacks a blue bar though? ...2010.08.29 12:18:00
- Edited by: Amerilia on 26/08/2010 17:38:47 Isnt the Forum the wrong place for this? "By the rules" ...2010.08.26 17:38:00
- I would say the graphics card is the weaker ...2010.08.23 14:11:00
- Edited by: Amerilia on 20/08/2010 22:46:29For those always looking for targets: he mentioned he want ...2010.08.20 22:28:00
- random ship losses due to desync happens in hi sec too, though maybe not as often. ...2010.08.18 17:01:00
- OH OH OH OH...I've got it!Remove the graphics and make it text based! remove the graphics? which? so ...2010.08.16 21:15:00
- thank for your help but you are out of subject , i don't ask if it's important or not for you or you ...2010.08.14 14:21:00
- crashing on exit isnt really .. important. There are even programs that purposely crash on exiting ...2010.08.14 14:11:00

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