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- oh my 3D MMO's, where are the good old times ?Gone sowy oh fyi Walking in Stations this summer 2011, ...2011.01.18 17:13:00
- Dude try to read post by ccp plz next time ...2011.01.18 17:02:00
- Well done CCP - you've managed to screw everyone all at the same time in a single update!Now the cha ...2011.01.18 16:37:00
- So when I'm AFK mining in high sec in my cargo-rigged hulk, warping to a bookmark, and ignoring conv ...2010.05.18 07:01:00
- Apparently some boring little MMO has got its own (official) iPhone app - and that MMO is not EO.htt ...2010.03.13 06:01:00
- Yo dawg, we heard you weren't popular with GoonSwarm so we put a really large negative number in you ...2010.03.05 07:22:00
- I'm sure this had been done a gazillion times already - but what about implementing a simple reputat ...2010.03.04 07:06:00
- Changes in the sovereignty system gave nullsec warfare a new spark, resulting in interesting conflic ...2010.02.24 04:46:00
- Usually seem to go for about 2-2.5B ...2009.12.21 06:27:00
- I'll take 5 tickets!ISK sent :) ...2009.12.20 23:04:00
- The Belts lose 1% of there content every hour the higher the upgrade the more you need to mine to ma ...2009.12.18 15:13:00
- It is very possible, just wouldn't expect anyone to get rich doing so, a good starting ship to begin ...2009.12.18 02:21:00
- Wait, so you are planning on turning a profit.. making drakes? ...2009.12.18 01:08:00
- And I felt good about making 10 Drakes today... holy jeebus ...2009.12.08 07:06:00
- Might just be the Japan Apple Store, but Dec. 7th is showing as "November 7th 2009". I've only liste ...2009.12.08 01:21:00

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