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- Nightmare = Tachyons Paladin = MegapulseThanks for listening.says who?Mr. PG. ...2011.09.06 13:23:00
- Missiles suffer from defenders, yes. But ACs dont do their fantastic DPS-numbers on longer ranges ei ...2011.07.17 15:16:00
- Edited by: Noemi Nagano on 17/07/2011 09:29:21 IMO in Marauder and BS both races are fairly equal - ...2011.07.17 09:29:00
- I am able to fly all those Drone-Bonused l4 capable ships (Dominix, Rattlesnake, Ishtar and Gila) an ...2011.04.26 06:58:00
- Even without the pimp booster alt, A Drake with a point and web will be very successful against frig ...2011.04.24 07:04:00
- Yeah seriously, I also dont see the disadvantage of missiles here - if that Wolf manages to get clos ...2011.04.21 11:02:00
- Personally I think the RS is much stronger than a Myrm in terms of 1on1 PvP vs a Dominix, but I may ...2011.02.12 22:17:00
- While Myrm can in fact setup a passive tank stronger than a Drakes tank its damage application with ...2011.01.25 11:34:00
- Just fitted an passive shield Apoc with Artillery, for Angel-Missions:713 DPS passive tank, 270 DPS ...2011.01.24 08:40:00
- You could use a Rokh to fight this Abaddon if tier-level is a problem. But then again, the Rokh cant ...2011.01.24 08:20:00
- The Myrm has a meaner shield tank than the Drake, or so I've heard.Side note, dual cap injected trip ...2011.01.13 22:45:00
- Declining Angel and Guristas missions and flying Paladin or Nightmare against Bloods, EOM and Sansha ...2010.12.24 21:17:00
- Edited by: Chuc Morris on 09/12/2010 06:01:14 I can hardly imagine clean some world collide, angel/ ...2010.12.09 11:11:00
- Overheated the Rattlesnake can be tanked to survive a single DDD - if specced against the damage typ ...2010.11.03 01:11:00
- .. and, if they target the wrong ship and dont group anymore, hit one key (yes, you should hotkey en ...2010.10.31 00:10:00

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