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- This post describes the problem perfectly. No, not the ships or the weapon systems. They're fine - ...2008.06.26 14:30:00
- Put some PvP corporation in the Caldari militia, like there are in the other militias, and you will ...2008.06.26 11:26:00
- because your an idiot Hmmm... you apparently have an exceptionally rich vocabulary… … and things we ...2008.06.25 18:45:00
- This is not wow. Sorry how should I know? I never played wow - you apperently can make the comparis ...2008.06.25 12:25:00
- Read this post on how to pvp properly, please, kthx: ...2008.06.25 11:44:00
- Italian Wedding, please get a clue. It doesn't matter what race's ships you'd fly, you'd still be in ...2008.06.25 10:49:00
- Raven - watch Burn Eden Videos, nuff said, prolly the most effective small gang damage dealer. B ...2008.06.25 10:48:00
- ... what else do you people want?As stated multiple times by multiple people: higher explosion veloc ...2008.06.25 07:42:00
- Perhaps it seems strange but the killboards is filled with drakes with PVE fits or worse. But if y ...2008.06.24 21:04:00
- Most likely because caldari has been proclaimed as the best for PVE, and have a large number of pe ...2008.06.24 19:56:00
- However the majority of pvp is in gangs/fleets. And my point (that you apparently didnt get)was that ...2008.06.24 19:20:00
- Edited by: Uda Nahn on 24/06/2008 18:29:42No actually all races needs to gang up to be effective. Ca ...2008.06.24 18:18:00
- The biggest problem with caldari ships is that caldari pilots insist on fitting for solo pvp (and su ...2008.06.24 17:43:00
- Thank you, that's all we're talking about here. Nope, read the OP again! It is about tackling, mi ...2008.06.24 12:59:00
- Edited by: Uda Nahn on 24/06/2008 11:44:16 Edited by: Uda Nahn on 24/06/2008 11:42:17 I stated my ...2008.06.24 11:39:00

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