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- Edited by: Vaneshi SnowCrash on 29/01/2011 05:31:30 Alright fine, I might well put myself up for el ...2011.01.29 05:28:00
- I'm not going to be popular saying this but can you please stop the airy fairy "Shader Model x" thin ...2011.01.29 05:03:00
- And good decision I guess, I've never really been into software development, but maintaining a secon ...2011.01.29 04:57:00
- usually BC and BS with a few assault ships and HACs here and there. It would be nice to see more ...2011.01.29 04:47:00
- You're problem will be the Intel IGP drivers I suspect, unfortunately they aren't (or weren't when I ...2011.01.29 01:03:00
- First step could be to change NPC corp membership. Most macros hide in them. You should be able to ...2011.01.27 14:28:00
- Macro miners buy PLEX with isk, thus pushing the isk price of a PLEX up. Because of macro miners, ...2011.01.27 13:29:00
- It also means that if CCP managed to rid the game of bots, their subscription base would not go down ...2011.01.27 11:15:00
- Well, if anyone doesnt want their primae, feel free to contact it over. I wasn't around for it when/ ...2011.01.27 10:40:00
- Ultimately I'd like it to be simple enough for Joe Average to be able to verify that an email came f ...2011.01.26 17:30:00
- If the developers actually developed missions for the game that wouldn't be a problem. In World o ...2011.01.26 15:16:00
- What is it testing? Self-consciousness? It's Skynet. Kill it with fire! ...2011.01.26 15:03:00
- Can you imagine if every mission we did had a briefing like that. Oh man that would so rock.Little o ...2011.01.26 14:50:00
- The problem with Incursion is it was made from a 0.0 Corp/Alliance point of view and tested on SISI ...2011.01.26 14:41:00
- If they win, all the stations in the system explode, killing everything within a light year.I'll be ...2011.01.26 14:36:00

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