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- Edited by: Graelyn on 28/08/2011 08:59:34How about the active effort to counter pirate efforts with ...2011.08.28 09:20:00
- Doubt is the key of knowledgeSamsem suciyik ki neuuhdyarThis proverb is attributed to the Idama Bhai ...2011.08.22 01:21:00
- So you're declaring war against all militia corporations operating in the Intaki theatre, or you h ...2011.08.01 23:13:00
- I don't remember any agression from your corporation towards the State, except incident happened Y ...2011.07.29 00:06:00
- Edited by: Mammal Tafren on 26/07/2011 10:55:17 I've just remembered where i've seen this story bef ...2011.07.26 10:55:00
- I am hearing allot about this thing you all call "Morals". I do believe one person to another they w ...2011.07.26 00:56:00
- Not Blue SHOOT instantly in empire space makes you a pirate.Lets imagine a situation, you are destro ...2011.07.24 23:08:00
- Also, adding IRED into the equation is indeed relevent. Hell's Revenge members originally moved ass ...2011.07.22 08:37:00
- It is times like this, Suresha, in which I am reminded why I chose a better way in the Intaki Liber ...2011.07.20 23:12:00
- I think you have me confused. I'm not "crowing" about victory, simply letting the Caldari militia, ...2011.07.15 10:44:00
- Glad to hear of the success up North. Amarr militia is always willing to assist our allies in the St ...2011.07.14 06:56:00
- Do not seek to try and befoul the name of our State, Miss Eionell.Diana Kim represents only one si ...2011.07.07 04:09:00
- I rather think that attitude is applied to pretty much every system involved in this conflict, it's ...2011.06.29 11:59:00
- We cannot fight for interests of Intaki, because they are aligned in three different directions. A ...2011.06.29 09:13:00
- Edited by: Mammal Tafren on 29/06/2011 12:22:45 At times like this I am reminded of the words of a ...2011.06.28 21:28:00

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