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- I changed my mind about writing a manual, 'cause pretty much everything I wanted to say is here.It t ...2004.10.02 22:19:00
- Edited by: L'Ming on 02/10/2004 12:28:05 This is a true thing that you say - I couldn't find one wh ...2004.10.02 12:25:00
- ....but agents *are* in 0.0. I work as an agent runner in Pure Blind.I'm confused. ...2004.10.02 09:25:00
- ...but would anyone bother to spend the time training these skills? You could get the same effect, s ...2004.10.02 09:16:00
- Y'know, given that here in internet-land we all interact with each other with electical impulses, I' ...2004.10.02 09:04:00
- I actually thought that was intentional. It gives an advantage to pilots, over autopilots. ...2004.10.02 08:54:00
- My agents *all* pile me high with antibiotics. As a Gallente I resent the implication! ...2004.10.01 07:05:00
- What that means is that alliances would be able to effectively lock the jump gates leading into (not ...2004.10.01 06:52:00
- There are a lot of decisions to make and questions to ask in a fight. There's more to it than luck.. ...2004.08.28 05:19:00
- I would use Mediums, 15 Mediums > 6 Heavies...assuming you can control 15 drones, I agree. People wi ...2004.08.21 00:14:00
- Orbit, Keep At, and Approach are the main manouevering controls in a fight, though double-clicking i ...2004.08.20 23:08:00
- With the drone changes it's probably worth packing some mediums into your Vexor, unless you're plann ...2004.08.20 22:34:00
- Thanks! :)Anyway, I didn't really mean the post to be a rant as such. I didn't realise that heaps o ...2004.08.12 17:56:00
- when the big hand and the little hand are pointing up, and there's a big hot orangey thing in the sk ...2004.08.12 17:38:00
- I have to agree with Tristan. People willingly accept they need to upgrade their cpu/memory/video ca ...2004.08.12 17:13:00

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