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- The conclusion to this whatever it is will be very interesting i think. I would love to see what CCP ...2010.04.23 16:43:00
- He prolly just is AFK while he sends his armies to another death trap.I've seen turbo quite alot, un ...2010.04.23 16:28:00
- Edited by: LUKEC on 23/04/2010 11:59:56 I wonder how Shamis feels to have members using exploits fo ...2010.04.23 11:59:00
- Look at these silly people. You found alliance that doesn't care about K:D much, yet you keep smacki ...2010.04.21 10:00:00
- right nc are winning so far, D00M only has 90.88% eff so far in this campaign. i can confirm we are ...2010.04.14 11:56:00
- Char received, everything fine.Regards ...2010.04.06 14:03:00
- Ok have account ready, isk sent, account name to receive char sent ingame. ...2010.04.06 12:36:00
- I'm currently in process of reprocessing character, once I sort that out I'll transfer isk and send ...2010.04.06 09:21:00
- Edited by: LUKEC on 05/04/2010 23:38:42 edit:2.5bil buyout. ...2010.04.05 23:27:00
- Well look at what we have here. One of those meatshield corps that Molle regards as "Crap but we wil ...2010.03.29 11:09:00
- I'd take it for 650. If you're interested, set up a contract. ...2010.03.07 11:11:00
- Wtb these:(you can set up contract, will be claimed during weekend) Capital corporate Hanger Bay 50 ...2010.02.26 11:24:00
- joke's on you, you're all reading his articlesNo, not really. ...2010.01.28 11:31:00
- Can you put IT on neutral with benefits list this time? ...2010.01.16 11:05:00
- IT (kenny, bob, c(ookie)c(ake)p(ie)) is horrible bucket of fail. Our blues are on same level, they p ...2010.01.10 10:18:00

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