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- Lion Around: "To kill or not to kill... that is the question!"Haw, haw, haw! I ate the pudding! And ...2011.08.26 13:09:00
- Very red portrait, ginger hair, red lips, red eye shadow... just you should had not used the default ...2011.08.25 12:53:00
- Hello, my name is Nermal and I am the cuttest kitty. ...2011.08.24 21:23:00
- This angle doesn't favors your face features, they look too weird (specially the chin), also the bac ...2011.08.23 13:25:00
- This little piggy went to Jita. This little piggy stayed at Hex. This little piggy had an Incursio ...2011.08.23 13:20:00
- So dark I barely can't see it... serious work is needed. 4/10 ...2011.08.22 22:06:00
- Edited by: Indahmawar Fazmarai on 22/08/2011 22:03:38 .One little step to the right and I will be j ...2011.08.22 22:03:00
- But, but... you swore I could HAVE ponies in my CQ! ...2011.08.22 13:51:00
- It is not a tattoo, it is suntan. I swear. ...2011.08.18 20:24:00
- Edited by: Indahmawar Fazmarai on 17/08/2011 13:46:04 Me are not amused by how you are trying to am ...2011.08.17 13:45:00
- Extreme and unnatural, like a killerdoll from outer space or a deranged replicant from Blade Runner. ...2011.08.16 06:35:00
- .The clowns are in town, with blue hair and red lips and... I would hesitate to create a toon so ugl ...2011.08.15 13:16:00
- Needs a lot of work actually... the arm is too thin, pose is meaningless, and please forget the "boo ...2011.08.14 22:16:00
- Edited by: Kellath Eladrel on 08/08/2011 20:12:36 "Now, it's my turn to hold your head in a tub of ...2011.08.08 20:17:00
- This is my Mr. Nice Eye. The other one is my Mr. Lazor Eye and it can incinerate you in 0.1 seconds ...2011.08.08 20:10:00

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