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- Finally having a look at hybrids? Yay! Considering how a Raven's performance compares to a Rokh's s ...2011.01.16 20:47:00
- The unable to contract items from the corporate hanger issue seems even more daft than it at first a ...2010.12.01 23:33:00
- I'd be another fan of the idea of being able to buy a random code generator or USB key that you can ...2010.03.10 11:49:00
- One option is to sell random number generators but the CSM expressed doubt that a significant number ...2010.03.08 22:35:00
- 14) 2.1 bil ...2010.03.08 20:45:00
- 5) 1 bil 14) 1.7 bil ...2010.03.08 15:23:00
- Patch box wasn't appearing on its own but amusingly when I clicked the 'patch info' button to try fi ...2009.12.03 19:01:00
- Edited by: Gravecall on 12/10/2009 23:04:03 Corps don't care about their miners, unless it's an ind ...2009.10.12 22:59:00
- Or they could just get rid of the public research slots, that'd stop people getting upset over them ...2009.09.09 14:03:00
- Don't forget that with rig invention, if you use a max run T1 rig bpc, you will still get a single r ...2009.08.23 22:45:00
- Well I've run the numbers and I think I can get away with only hiking the price up to 1.5mil per con ...2009.08.22 10:51:00
- WTF?! I mean, seriously WTF?I day per level? 25 hours for me. That's absurd. I would really like ...2009.08.21 15:13:00
- gonna quit eve i know this will be the day where CCP loose quite a few players and it will go into ...2009.08.20 19:01:00
- 9408 connected 1021 in Queue It's been 45 mins and less than 10,000 players have been able to log ...2009.08.20 18:34:00
- Edited by: Gravecall on 19/05/2009 16:51:29 a 5 minute warning would be helpful next time for somet ...2009.05.19 16:50:00

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