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- Serpentis' home is Fountain (although they have some agents in Curse). While Syndicate is NPC space, ...2009.10.05 22:05:00
- 1) Bring a lot of dps 2) if they have logistics support (Scimitar/Basi) then kill/jam logistics fir ...2009.10.05 21:52:00
- ive got refinery efficiency to level 3 and my standings at the station are just below what i think i ...2009.10.05 17:42:00
- Edited by: Grista on 05/10/2009 17:32:27 I have tried 0.0 ratting in -0.30 system and just killing/ ...2009.10.05 17:29:00
- As an alternative, consider training Caldari Cruiser up to level IV, and flying a Caracal or Drake. ...2009.10.05 17:12:00
- For turret based weapons, the long range ammo is very popular for PvP, and some PvE activities (more ...2009.10.05 17:06:00
- how much isk you make per hour if you do chaining? just raw numbers would be good to know.It varies ...2009.09.26 07:12:00
- Edited by: Grista on 25/09/2009 19:47:34 Caldari is the path of least resistance. My main is cross ...2009.09.25 19:46:00
- There are likely some small corporations out there that do little more than run missions. The issue ...2009.09.25 19:30:00
- Edited by: Grista on 24/09/2009 18:17:46 Warp disruption fields do not affect emergency warps on lo ...2009.09.24 18:16:00
- Edited by: Mithfindel on 24/09/2009 15:26:52 "incapacitated" means that it has hull damage. You can ...2009.09.24 17:03:00
- I must be slow, or really over tanking.I am still on level 2 missions in my caracel, but I have been ...2009.09.24 16:53:00
- If you salvage (Dominix and Typhoon great ratters for that, since they can easily fit both Tractor a ...2009.09.24 16:13:00
- Tip: check out the LP store offerings of R&D corps. Some offer very lucrative BPCs for faction items ...2009.09.24 16:05:00
- Before anyone asks, you can fit multiple control range mods. My gallente pilot has a Dominix fit wit ...2009.09.23 17:10:00

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