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- Yo ho....Yo ho, a bumping we will go!!!!! ...2011.07.30 00:01:00
- So we have some people saying it's a fair mechanic about it being Empire still and all that jazz. I' ...2011.07.27 00:32:00
- bumping for the love of pirates and everything we don't stand for :P ...2011.07.24 20:11:00
- Suppored. If i shoot one more freaking gate instead of the target bc of the dam ctrl key acting reat ...2011.07.24 20:09:00
- OK, it goes like this.Evils McPirate is -10 sec status and camping a gate. He has not shot anything ...2011.07.23 22:54:00
- EPIC BUMP----Get this thing stickied already :P ...2011.07.20 00:58:00
- Just to clarify by what I mean when I say "innocent pirate." I mean that he has not commited a crime ...2011.07.12 01:53:00
- SO yeah, forgot to mention this also affects interaction with corp mates. So let me get everyone goi ...2011.07.11 01:40:00
- bump!!!! ...2011.07.09 02:41:00
- As it stands, you receive gcc for RR'ing corp mates, alliance mates, and fleet mates who are pirates ...2011.07.03 05:42:00
- Okay so can someone please explain the logic behind me getting gcc for RR'ing an alliance mate who i ...2011.07.03 05:31:00
- There is this skill called anchoring which is a complete waste of time to train bc it does basically ...2011.05.26 17:16:00
- To bring ecm in line with the other ewar platforms, I propose this change:ECM mechanics will be chan ...2011.05.25 19:20:00
- I'll take the bait, seeing as you had a nyx character this should bring back some good memories :P ...2011.04.06 18:44:00
- Edited by: Yun Kuai on 06/04/2011 02:13:11 Now that the new system is live, we would like to get yo ...2011.04.06 02:12:00

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