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- (also next time primary kristoffer I heard he was the one keeping everything together)Yes kill him f ...2008.06.28 01:05:00
- Good fight to all involved. Thankfully it ended when it did, i was almost out of ammo. ...2008.06.28 00:56:00
- To teh Top!Been in the corp a few months now, great bunch of guys. ...2008.05.23 13:32:00
- Wetrain? Yelling? Getting EMO? Never!!I still remember the time Wetrain was drunk and on comms. ...2008.05.19 08:39:00
- Thought i killed your goat...Anyhoo.. Congrats on your birthday Phalanx!! I enjoyed my time in that ...2008.04.06 10:45:00
- Friendly bump, good bunch.Hi2u Wet, miss me? ...2007.12.22 10:12:00
- Edited by: Ruff Ceyx on 04/12/2007 23:39:22 29k Enriched Uranium , and 4 goats ...2007.12.04 23:39:00
- mama guru , i always care for my friends Why did you leave R.U.S.T?Why did MDK let you in?So many un ...2007.11.28 13:12:00
- GJ PA!!Wetrain, you still suck! ...2007.10.04 17:35:00
- Good luck on your future endeavors Max. I'm sure we will bump into each other sometime again. To I ...2007.10.03 14:55:00
- That entirely depends on your definition of 'remove' I guess.You can't fly in your own space and hav ...2007.10.03 14:49:00
- I can neither confirm and or deny, that BGBR works with BOB./Gives Molle the super secret BoB handsh ...2007.10.01 09:16:00
- Isnt it the Hauler pilots that are supposed to cry, and post on eve-o about losing a ship?Anyhoo tha ...2007.09.09 17:49:00
- no reseting camera after jumping /signed NO zooming in on pod after ship blows up.. /very signed ...2007.08.23 13:31:00
- If they removed local,there would be cloaked alts all over 0.0 .. wait too late.. ...2007.08.16 22:53:00

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