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- I use MS Money to track my finances, but it's not available any more sadly.I'd go for Gnu Cash if I ...2011.01.18 13:39:00
- Thank you so much. You didn't have to do that, yet still you obviously went to a lot of time and eff ...2011.01.18 12:37:00
- Get semi blown up by your mate, run hard into a lamp post, get it on CCTV, get caught by the polic ...2010.12.08 23:03:00
- My cat's name is Mittens. This could possibly be the best post I've ever seen on the Eve forums!My ...2008.09.01 08:32:00
- 1) Have you ever met with anyone in RL whom you first met through Eve? (y/n) 2) Do you feel that MM ...2007.11.26 14:02:00
- Edited by: Slaaght Bana on 11/11/2007 14:07:08 Models are coming . Not sure when they are going to ...2007.11.11 14:06:00
- I run some heavy duty servers, and the damn things take about 15 minutes just to power on, so if CCP ...2007.11.08 11:36:00
- Edited by: Slaaght Bana on 08/11/2007 11:32:02Ok I just got an email back from him.No pics yet(*), h ...2007.11.08 11:30:00
- I've been keeping this under my hat for ages, desperate to say something, but until recently haven't ...2007.11.08 11:21:00
- May the Veldspar be with you. Scratch thatMay the Veldspar be with n00b.<fx: waves cloaked hand>"T ...2007.05.04 18:34:00
- Mogrin ... thanks for the "proper Eve" calcs.I'll put my hands up, I was clearly wrong over that.I'l ...2007.05.04 16:55:00
- This is deceiving as some skills simply must be at 5 in order for a particular build or tactic to wo ...2007.05.04 14:38:00
- What people aren't taking into account is that you can be at 4/5ths of the skill level of a veteran ...2007.05.04 08:34:00
- That's great. Thanks very much for the response. ...2007.04.28 23:09:00
- Hi. Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but a minor change would greatly add to the ease of ...2007.04.28 12:34:00

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