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- just scan like TQ i found a C5 this morning by chance. ...2011.05.19 09:51:00
- a real fixed window on mac would be preferably than any other thing imo. get rid of thoses macos ba ...2011.03.03 11:43:00
- completely off topic, but Gunther, where did you bought your 2 pairs of arms ? this is insane ! ...2011.02.26 15:01:00
- one of my both client usually crashed those last days, the difference (again) was one client was "or ...2011.02.19 12:56:00
- Some contestants are even convinced we should all be friends and hold eachothers hands. Quit amusi ...2011.02.16 11:57:00
- You also have the choice to stop your account...they will never make a native OSX version, unless 50 ...2011.02.11 16:28:00
- i know that when you first start the program, and press start timer one's quantity left label defau ...2011.02.11 16:14:00
- 2000 AD legacy, 100% Original DNA Hypnoti ...2011.02.11 15:01:00
- Guys be honest here please.If you're planning to make a big show with even 200 players, would you re ...2011.02.10 23:10:00
- Looks like good to mei notice now i can reset a timer without asteroid reset to velspar (thanks !!) ...2011.02.10 23:00:00
- ... and you, a big nose imo. Base is too big, end too's not a Threadnaught, it's a threadfea ...2011.02.10 16:53:00
- if i were you, i would say hello to windows and buy an insurance :D the most expensive stuff on the ...2011.02.09 11:02:00
- 9400 GT ? old gen too... i can't try with mine coz' i remembered i bought a wrong dvi adapter (DVI- ...2011.02.05 13:43:00
- the 27" i3(ati 46xx) isn't capable of playing FullHD smoothly (AVC-HD), i would not bet on it with a ...2011.01.31 22:47:00
- nice delay ;)yeah i'm playing on 2 screens, with dual accounts, but i have a tower, and my gpu dies ...2011.01.31 22:34:00

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