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- Edited by: Clovermite on 18/08/2010 05:41:26 Edited by: Clovermite on 18/08/2010 05:05:00 I'd been ...2010.08.18 05:03:00
- Is there still a lab in finanar?I went to and did not see any ...2010.08.03 12:24:00
- Somehow, I think I belong in this thread... lol!1/10Laughing at your own joke = instafail. Nice try ...2010.07.24 21:16:00
- Cool, sounds like people still recognize the name.I figured everyone would have forgotten with all o ...2010.07.24 21:00:00
- There are more important things to worry about in this day and ageThank you Captain Obvious.I will m ...2010.07.23 21:55:00
- Hey People,I just found out that one of the guys I used to hang with (IRL) a couple years ago achiev ...2010.07.23 21:35:00
- Edited by: Clovermite on 23/07/2010 15:47:06 Hey guys,Thanks for the good responses so far.EVE hist ...2010.07.23 15:02:00
- I think you are all forgetting... there is no AIR in space. With no air there is nothing for the fir ...2010.07.23 05:36:00
- Hey people,I've enjoyed the tidbits of Eve history (read: drama) that I've been able to glean on my ...2010.07.23 05:27:00
- Imagine, if you will, a body and brain with the ability to handle the pressure and stimuli of not ...2010.07.21 05:29:00
- After all, if their customers are willing to keep paying for a broken game that CCP admits it won ...2010.07.16 02:47:00
- Hulkageddon = fail for EVE. Wonder how many other accounts have been closed. Why would CCP care ...2010.07.13 17:29:00
- So now we've established that EVA JOBSE has legal damages that CCP is liable for if this is someth ...2010.07.09 22:44:00
- So, what are we going to call this very very funny scandal? I don't see what's wrong with Ankhgate. ...2010.07.08 18:45:00
- And to all those who are saying this is bad PR for the CSM and CCP, think again. There is no such ...2010.07.08 17:30:00

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