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- oh gnoess!! an incentive designed specifically for new players, that refuses to function on accounts ...2011.09.05 21:22:00
- So my computer was powering off, eve was crashing. you know all the usual thermal symptoms. figure ...2011.09.05 19:36:00
- Untill the 1.1 patch everything in space was working as before so I claim shenanigans on the OP.qft ...2011.09.05 19:33:00
- 47.7k users online right now, stfu OP ...2011.09.05 19:07:00
- It only has 46.4k players on the server doom over it's almost like it's the end of the summer slump. ...2011.09.04 19:26:00
- confirming that OP has no ****ing idea what "Pay 2 Win" is. ...2011.09.04 14:29:00
- i believe they already have plans for a purchased skin for the Scorpion. as long as the skinned shi ...2011.09.04 02:18:00
- Please quote where they said "NEVER". I believe the whole point of the emergency summit was to defin ...2011.09.04 01:45:00
- . My assertion can comfortably remain so long as CCP refuse to commit to the nature of MT items comi ...2011.09.04 01:27:00
- You may buy one of these for a simple purchase if 10k aur thingies.Enjoy your new CCP.your words, th ...2011.09.04 01:22:00
- Its actually the 'me aceto et utrem aquae' logical fallacy.not familiar with that one.... translatio ...2011.09.03 20:44:00
- Oh, now he cares. At the time he was happy to make a youtube video for CCP, call the players babies ...2011.09.03 20:41:00
- Iceland experienced a massive economic boom that resulted in quite a bit of overconfidence in the ma ...2011.09.03 20:36:00
- Edited by: Denidil on 03/09/2011 20:30:35 they're out to get you! and if you don't believe that, yo ...2011.09.03 20:30:00
- a fair idea ...2011.09.03 19:08:00

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