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- Clicking on probes no longer centers the screen on them. This is mind-bogglingly annoying. ...2011.06.01 01:51:00
- Highsec exploration is about speedrunning sites, not taking your time and enjoying the scenery. You ...2011.05.24 00:41:00
- Anomalies can be scanned down easily, and if you're in a complex THAT can be scanned down, sooo real ...2011.05.12 19:05:00
- I fit ECCM on my Tengu and jamming seems about the same as before. Maybe even a little less. I'm n ...2011.05.07 22:14:00
- Adapt or die. ...2011.05.04 00:32:00
- Welcome to MMOs. ...2011.05.02 21:43:00
- I'm in; it's up again. ...2011.05.01 22:36:00
- I have good news for you! This feature is already in-game. It's got a few ways to trigger it, too, ...2011.04.30 23:36:00
- Finding nothing except for wormholes here. Something's definitely broken, I'm not even finding gravs ...2011.04.10 20:41:00
- I didn't realize that destroyers could suicide retrievers. I think I've found a new way to entertai ...2011.03.22 01:54:00
- Sweet we got a BSG post! Also, confirming we are fail-cascading and evacuating assets as I speak. ...2010.04.22 19:33:00
- over 4 billion of loot...Stopitstopitstopitstopit! I killed Siigara Kitawa's ship once with my left ...2010.03.13 20:01:00
- Above poster pretty much nailed it. If you don't 'chain' rats in the system, eventually you'll have ...2010.01.19 04:11:00
- Edited by: Wayson on 16/01/2010 23:56:16 I tried a Hyperion in a C3, hated it. My all-tank Drake o ...2010.01.16 23:55:00
- I'd suggest using a generic Domi until you get a feel for L4s. Much cheaper if you screw up and die ...2010.01.16 21:55:00

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