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- I am looking for a 0.0 PVP corp. I can fly most ships from HACs to BS to Carriers. I prefer active A ...2011.03.12 19:11:00
- Atm the Hoag corp is looking for Skilled pvpers. Black ops if possible.And also hard core industry ...2010.03.04 18:15:00
- If you have the time please join the HOAG Public channel in game. We offer 0.0 and lot's of pvp. A ...2010.02.27 13:56:00
- Daily update ...2010.02.27 13:51:00
- I would be very intrested in speaking to a American time zone pvper that fancies a crack at running ...2010.02.21 11:18:00
- Read the above and convo one of us. ...2010.02.19 14:18:00
- Updated ...2010.02.17 12:32:00
- Searching for a bumper ...2010.02.14 11:21:00
- Not easy finding the right players. ...2010.02.10 18:15:00
- Wow the new Team speak 3 server is so cool. All these pretty pretty lights. ...2010.01.28 08:01:00
- LoL to the empire offer's ...2010.01.25 12:10:00
- Hey Karles I'm very intrested in talking to you in game. As a pvper im sure your used to voice com ...2010.01.24 10:47:00
- If you fancys being sneaky I have some where you would fit right in to. If not us I know of another ...2010.01.24 10:39:00
- And the search continues ...2010.01.24 00:55:00
- Tyrell corp has been around for a very long time. I have fought with and along side these guys over ...2010.01.04 11:31:00

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