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- I don't know where the 80% number came from. If that number is true then what would be the point in ...2011.08.18 16:25:00
- Proteus in a class 3 is like those cartoons of a big guy holding his hand on a little guys forehead ...2011.08.08 18:17:00
- Domi is the 'optimal' Gallente ship. Proper drone selection gives you rat specific damage. I use a ...2011.08.03 13:59:00
- Depends on range, what sentries you are using, and what you are trying to hit.Garde II's will do pr ...2011.08.03 13:41:00
- Garde II's with 2XOmni's will tear stuff up at up to 52 KM. 40 optimal + 12km falloff if I remember ...2011.07.29 21:07:00
- I'm with the majority of people on this. If I do get some insane desire to play Barbies it would be ...2011.07.27 19:53:00
- Drones are much harder to control now. Not only do they need to be micromanaged as before but now t ...2011.07.19 20:20:00
- Have to agree with the Sentries to 5 before heavies. I usually take Gardes for close in and then Wa ...2011.01.21 19:35:00
- Not sure if it is just me but I've noticed that I've been getting more and more faction missions. I ...2011.01.21 19:15:00

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