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- For a Harb? Really? Rapid firing before controlled bursts? That makes absolutely no sense. See h ...2010.06.04 17:44:00
- Anyone else having a problem with ppl dropping 1 or 2 super carriers on there roams. Its starting t ...2010.04.26 12:27:00
- Don't hold your breath, and if you do, "Can I please have all your stuff?" ...2010.04.26 11:55:00
- In my experience you may have to relog to see the standings update.And no, you don't need to be in t ...2010.04.21 13:20:00
- Yes, you should train it if you plan on fitting mods that it affects on your ship. The question real ...2010.04.21 00:29:00
- it dissapears from the account as soon as you transfer, but you can't be sure it shows up on the rec ...2010.04.19 02:40:00
- try contracting all the stuff to the initial creator of the contract at the price of whatever the co ...2010.04.17 21:14:00
- Edited by: Yarinor on 17/04/2010 18:47:31 doesn't this belong to caod?edit: guess not :s ...2010.04.17 18:47:00
- as for ur plan, low volume*low price=low profit so its got fail written all over itDepends on the ma ...2010.04.17 17:58:00
- so then I am unable to train more than one skill that takes 1d? Yes, the skillqueue weren't made fo ...2010.04.17 17:43:00
- You want to do scouting, yet no cov ops, also black ops & interceptors I ? Never ever train a skill ...2010.04.17 02:07:00
- There are some. ...2010.04.17 02:02:00
- To be honest, if you're asking this because you want to get into an alliance, dic/hic pilots I've ne ...2010.04.16 14:00:00
- is skill x worth training to level yYes, it's worth it, it may not be to you, but it's worth it.If ...2010.04.16 13:54:00
- Ok, so what if you only wanna destroy the ship and not pod the pilot, will you take a sec status hit ...2010.04.16 02:24:00

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