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- Edited by: Swedish Bob on 17/03/2009 03:41:54 I have also forgotten how to poast. ...2009.03.17 03:41:00
- Edited by: Swedish Bob on 17/03/2009 03:41:23 A new Mittens kittens cuddle column is up.http://www. ...2009.03.17 03:40:00
- Non crazy moderators would be great as well. ...2009.03.09 08:26:00
- Agreed, eve mail is used for too many things that are not mail. Also an ability to export tagged ev ...2008.06.13 20:15:00
- I'm going to lay the blame for this squarely at CCP's feet. They have not kept up with what the pla ...2008.06.03 06:40:00
- Give us a dedicated node for QY6-RK please.Thanks in advance, Eurosquad poster extraordinare Szprink ...2008.02.04 19:52:00
- Edited by: VampireZIM on 09/01/2008 04:47:10 That discussion segment was the first, of course it ne ...2008.01.09 05:08:00
- I swear, VampireZIM must be related to Marty Chang somehow. You really need to practice and recite ...2008.01.09 04:40:00
- All the client side stuff.I would prefer a prioritised list... But what about server-side settings, ...2007.12.23 04:24:00
- I've been in the game quite a while and I wouldn't screw with people that way. But by all means if ...2007.12.06 22:40:00
- Meh alright, I'll see if I can wake someone in #eve-chaos. ...2007.12.06 22:19:00
- I can't begin to warn enough to approach this with extreme caution. I've been in the game quite a w ...2007.12.06 22:14:00
- Since I have seen that some of you don't have the CD here is a rescue cd. Burn it to a cd and set y ...2007.12.06 22:06:00
- Edited by: Swedish Bob on 30/11/2007 17:18:29 In my previous post on page 18 I explained how logist ...2007.11.30 16:38:00
- People wouldn't be ****ed if CCP actually understood all the ramifications of their actions. If the ...2007.11.08 16:49:00

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