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- my 2cthe 1/2 finished content is the problem. not addressing issues, and in some cases simply an utt ...2011.09.07 10:39:00
- Looking at possibly war deccing a small corp in highsec, just for the lulz, maybe even ransom them t ...2011.09.07 07:08:00
- I am deeply saddened to learn that after so much together, this scum has betrayed your trust. What a ...2011.09.07 06:59:00
- i havent seen it mentioned here, but there is sometimes a bug (fixed repeatedly) that causes ur ship ...2011.09.05 08:08:00
- Edited by: IQ 001 on 02/09/2011 09:34:16 From CCP Soundwave: "Apocrypha was a large expansion that ...2011.09.02 09:34:00
- Edited by: Mendolus on 31/08/2011 18:07:58 Came in here looking for a story about sexual encounters ...2011.08.31 18:28:00
- Edited by: IQ 001 on 31/08/2011 16:43:07 (combat) <color=0xffbbbb00>Your group of 250mm Prototype ...2011.08.31 17:58:00
- Edited by: IQ 001 on 31/08/2011 16:43:07 (combat) <color=0xffbbbb00>Your group of 250mm Prototype ...2011.08.31 16:43:00
- as a fleet booster, cos who targets a ferox first?orin a gang with Shield RR as it has plenty of cpu ...2011.08.31 10:28:00
- Dude, where is that Minmatar Gay Rights League guy when you need him? And OP, this thread is win. Wa ...2011.08.29 10:41:00
- nuf said, i cant wear this lovely dress or these nice heals i bought from the nex store.are u discr ...2011.08.25 12:37:00
- I am sure everyone has heard of it, the so called 'logoffski'. Today I got to find out how much of ...2011.08.25 10:54:00
- once again all requests to fix this faction go ignored. not even a peep from cpp to acknowledge tha ...2011.08.25 10:14:00
- it would be nice if cpp did something, gallente suck arse atm ...2011.07.15 20:58:00
- ... if they ever fix the walking around in station ... i would be happy with running in stations ...2011.07.13 06:40:00

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