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- Dear god...1.2 gigs?Tabs told me I am in of course I have to download to see how terrible I ...2011.08.09 14:44:00
- betterdent,8,17,34,49,59,108,84 ...2011.07.25 13:48:00
- Why didn't he just shoot you?Mining lasers do sick dps. ...2011.07.18 00:40:00
- I had a TK'ing spree....not much rage other than..."LOL THAT FREIGHTER WAS A GIFT FROM A FRIEND, AND ...2011.04.30 10:06:00
- I remember my first time dealing with several actually happened a few days ago.New allia ...2011.04.20 13:03:00
- Ten Tron's videos are pretty good.Theres that one about the butthurt lowsec miner thats pretty funny ...2011.04.06 13:26:00
- These guys are nothing but scammers and theivs check into the merc channel ran by Pitboss for the re ...2011.03.30 14:44:00
- Edited by: betterdent on 30/03/2011 13:42:20 Dangerous Kitten Assault Team is looking for high sec ...2011.03.30 13:02:00
- I am also taking ISK donations to support my pvp lifestyle ...2011.03.28 02:22:00
- Edited by: betterdent on 22/03/2011 18:58:22 Solo war deccing corporations in high sec who think th ...2011.03.22 18:54:00
- Now my FPS will not go above 20 no matter what I do.Tried deleting my cache folder, that didn't do a ...2011.03.21 19:48:00
- Current Specs: (I'm in the process of upgrading piece by piece )AMD Quadcore 3.4 GHz MSI 785 GT Mo ...2011.03.21 19:29:00
- Why would I want to fight a corp with 500000000000000 logistics pilots?I'll stick to deccing wannabe ...2011.03.11 00:21:00
- Edited by: betterdent on 03/03/2011 21:03:29Recently, while taking a break between war dec's I decid ...2011.03.03 20:55:00
- I've been wanting to make a video for a long time, this is my first EVE Video I have made yet, and p ...2011.03.03 20:35:00

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