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- You find that motherf*cker yet? ...2011.04.02 09:03:00
- ...and here they come.... Thanks Cosmoray ...2011.03.04 07:42:00
- Edited by: Billy Cornpipe on 04/03/2011 07:39:59When is CCP going to sort out the login problem?I lo ...2011.03.04 07:39:00
- Heres the story i want this character HydroVolcano dead i want to seem him on the kill mail please c ...2010.08.20 20:42:00
- Heres the storydon't we at least get the story? ...2010.08.20 19:02:00
- So i paid for a new account now but the login screen still only shows my first login id. my newest o ...2010.08.20 18:56:00
- I've never used it, but isn't there an 'optimize route' button on the F10 map screen after you set a ...2010.08.20 18:49:00
- 1. Why are you getting go close to the astroids?2. I like how big it is. Especially when you are try ...2010.08.20 18:40:00
- Edited by: Billy Cornpipe on 20/08/2010 18:16:11 Your ship's tank all depends on how you decide to ...2010.08.20 18:13:00
- +1 more for Android here (Moto Droid) ...2010.07.06 06:25:00
- Wooooah... Like dude... The writings pink???... Am I like tripping or something? Yes, you are tripp ...2010.07.06 05:12:00
- This game sounds like a winner. Taken from the forums:Seriously, what are you thinking with your pr ...2010.07.02 06:14:00
- Congratulations. You have just discovered that the minerals you mine are in fact, not free. ...2010.06.25 06:41:00
- I will also offer a third party ISK handling service.Oh really now.....Yeah he'll need some testim ...2009.12.29 07:59:00
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