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- Redone portrait. Lighting went all wonky on me from snapshot to final, though. Original was "sexie ...2011.01.26 01:31:00
- Jin-mei, tried for Japanese but just couldn't quite get it right. Will give the face another try on ...2011.01.20 01:22:00
- Hurray for breast reduction surgery! ...2011.01.19 16:41:00
- As far as moving the camera around you can use the scroll wheel as normal to zoom, hold right button ...2011.01.19 14:24:00
- Choose the last top option, the one Kitami is wearing and you will notice a hint of "nips" shaded in ...2011.01.19 14:16:00
- Fapworthy once I can fix the odd warping around the chest and swap out the background so there is so ...2011.01.19 13:58:00
- Signed as another who needs a breast reduction. Seriously, it looked fine in the creator, but the r ...2011.01.19 10:46:00
- Tried for the cutesy schoolgirl facebook look..pass/fail? ...2011.01.19 09:36:00

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