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- hey mates, i know there where talks in the past about small clients for mobiles and smartphones. is ...2007.11.11 07:19:00
- weeeeeeeeee ...2007.11.10 22:03:00
- yea, i think packing rigged ships would work as good.i agree with you that having a bad sec status s ...2007.11.09 07:05:00
- hey mates, i don't know how you guys fell about that, but i have a few rigged ships by now and ever ...2007.11.08 12:23:00
- hi mates i wonder, there where talks before about a remote hull repairer. is this idea still activ ...2007.03.08 17:42:00
- if you make it able to load/unload at a corp hangar array at a POS you still have to bring the ship ...2007.01.08 15:40:00
- i wonder what someone has to do that ccp notices threats like this... ...2007.01.08 10:40:00
- i could also think of the possibility to load from wrecks (not from jettison cans tho) ...2007.01.01 10:00:00
- hi CCP gave us hauler spawns.. with 50mil minerals in it and more who do you guys think should hau ...2007.01.01 09:44:00
- come and have fun ...2006.11.06 13:19:00
- are you worth to join us? find it out, join "7cav" channel ...2006.11.06 07:30:00
- much pvp = much honor ...2006.11.05 20:18:00
- Edited by: Ma''m on 05/11/2006 10:18:32 hi mate You are interested in great pvp within a experienc ...2006.11.05 10:18:00
- join us in our adventure ...2006.10.26 11:26:00
- join us in our adventure ...2006.10.26 11:26:00

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