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- 6X720, 2 assault launchersweb, TP, AB, whatevermed rep, 3 gyros, rat specific hardeners With decent ...2008.03.19 03:41:00
- if you want more fights come to us in GW sometime. ...2008.01.19 08:08:00
- broadsword tank wins because of the lack of a resist hole. that's why it is better. ...2007.12.21 02:07:00
- The thing is the vagabond can have a fast fitting, a very fast fitting or a OMGWTFBBQ 7km/s fitting. ...2007.12.18 21:37:00
- the anti-ewar idea is brilliant. I love flying a jaguar and would be very happy if it became useful ...2007.12.16 12:38:00
- mael >>>>> pest for ratting. 8X 800XL SB, SBA 3X hardener, MWD oe AB or whatever you need3X gyro, DC ...2007.12.14 02:04:00
- I think the gallente ships look fantastic out in space.I like almost all the changes though. ...2007.11.30 01:14:00
- I need a new pair of pants. ...2007.11.26 22:43:00
- Peopl act as if these pirates have infinite funds to risk these ships. A HIC will be SUPER vulnerabl ...2007.11.26 01:25:00
- Edit: Sisi does lack some degree of reality. I doubt it would be so easy to drive off those Mega's w ...2007.11.24 01:46:00
- I almost always fly with at least one abbadon in gang and I can say all these raven setups would die ...2007.11.07 23:20:00
- Soloing in a command ship is a bit silly IMO. There are many HACS that may not have the DPS but have ...2007.11.03 16:37:00
- Anyone else see the humor of discussion SOLOing in a WIDOW?Thread over? ...2007.10.31 22:50:00
- meh screw solo in a vaga, gang warfare as heavy tackler and popping ECM, dictors and other light tar ...2007.10.31 01:21:00
- This topic needs: NO MORE TEARS ...2007.10.25 02:56:00

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