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- You might want to go through and audit the giving and taking of roles. Open your corporation window, ...2011.05.31 19:57:00
- Still having this problem, and of course no reply to my petition yet even though the game is pretty ...2011.03.21 23:06:00
- Edited by: 3 14rate on 21/03/2011 23:00:47 So it is pretty much as the title says. I'm in a ship, a ...2011.03.20 05:05:00
- Edited by: 3 14rate on 20/02/2011 22:10:16I was using faction thermal torps... Were you in a Nemesi ...2011.02.20 22:08:00
- Up. ...2010.12.09 19:27:00
- The idea of PLEX for vanity items has me a little concerned. The idea that I need a PLEX to get a se ...2010.11.22 19:12:00
- Up ...2010.11.21 23:03:00
- Be that as it may, stocks of both these items are disappearing across high-sec space. Somebody is up ...2010.11.16 05:00:00
- Ok, wow. First I get no replies, then ten when I'm not looking. I read most replies and the general ...2010.11.15 20:51:00
- Top ...2010.11.13 21:19:00
- Ok, so someone just made a terrible tread about PLEX, so yes I'm bumping my tread.Secondly, 78 views ...2010.11.11 21:08:00
- So I recently read about CCP's new idea to allow portrait swaps, character transfers, and the Power ...2010.11.09 04:48:00

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