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- Seemingly regardless of how many probes are in space, unchecking any of them (making them inactive) ...2009.02.10 00:04:00
- I vowed never to visit the eve gate until i quit, and never to quit until i've visited the eve gate. ...2007.10.24 00:58:00
- to help you locate targets on screen. Pointless? majority of the time yes, although i must admit i h ...2007.10.24 00:51:00
- When comitting yourself to any cause, whether its a business plan, training scheme, or otherwise, yo ...2007.10.24 00:35:00
- Cheers \o/ ...2007.10.23 19:48:00
- Having targets come up obscured by the overview/anything else i want top right is somewhat horrible. ...2007.10.23 18:59:00
- This isnt anything new, people spotted this "flaw" years ago, meaning it's either rather difficult t ...2007.09.15 14:58:00
- Alternatively, at a push it is possible to probe out and destroy a ship in that 1 minute before it v ...2007.09.03 13:51:00
- about smartbombs - they don't work within a certain range of a station ...2007.04.08 03:46:00
- Jeager, i want my cocktail recipe. ...2006.09.18 23:07:00
- Wow is a more personal and rewarding experience. No farming missions!!!I know! It's fantastic! You ...2006.07.11 12:07:00
- After CA, i moved with the 7th Space Cavalry into FOE (at the time, i had no idea who this alliance ...2006.07.08 13:01:00
- That ship above the station in the alpha shot, is that the Brutix? No..don't think so.Looks more li ...2006.05.15 13:25:00
- You must feel so proud. *looks forward to tonight's listening* ...2005.09.27 15:52:00
- Personally I think just take podding out of the game. It sucks, gives the attacker NOTHING and can ...2005.09.15 12:05:00

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