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- I know the ideas of dedicated salvage, exploration platforms, and a tech 2 destroyer platform other ...2010.04.06 04:16:00
- Edited by: Kessiaan on 06/04/2010 03:55:01 Being dual-webbed is much more common, but wave 3 of Out ...2010.04.06 03:53:00
- Edited by: Kessiaan on 06/04/2010 03:32:39 The problem with a Proteus is when you have five or six ...2010.04.06 03:30:00
- Every time anyone says 'toon' this is all I can think of. ...2010.04.05 01:36:00
- To elaborate on what the above poster said, it's realistically impossible to find any particular wor ...2010.04.05 01:26:00
- Edited by: Kessiaan on 05/04/2010 01:22:21 I've seen this tactic, I've never seen it actually work ...2010.04.05 01:19:00
- Does the other side the static WH (K162) open when you warp to the entrance side of the wormhole, or ...2010.04.03 12:39:00
- Wormholes are pretty interesting. Class 3s are reasonably challenging solo for veteran players, som ...2010.04.02 18:58:00
- When I clicked this thread, I was hoping to see a funny story about how someone bridged a fleet of H ...2010.04.02 18:49:00
- You could also train anchoring and corp management on an alt, and have him put up the POS using an a ...2010.04.02 04:02:00
- Sleeper sites (both the anomalies and the cosmic signature sites) have the exact same spawn / despaw ...2010.04.02 03:52:00
- Amamake is one of the most heavily camped lowsec systems in the game. People camp it because they k ...2010.03.31 12:30:00
- In wormholes you only get one rat spawn so there's no reason not to load your Hulk up with 5x Vespa ...2010.03.30 19:40:00
- Bubbles on wormholes only tells me people are scared of being ganked, which in turn tells me it is s ...2010.03.30 19:35:00
- I'll usually try for a ransom, but only if local is 100% clear of neutrals and hostiles (except for ...2010.03.30 19:29:00

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