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- /rant_on CCP strikes again. Seems to me that these people lack a fundamental understanding of the w ...2008.06.28 00:44:00
- It appears to be centralized around & which are London gateway paths for ...2008.06.20 00:59:00
- T20's magic wand. ...2008.06.19 23:21:00
- Yet another worthless post brought to you by ViqtoriaQFT ...2008.06.19 18:33:00
- Spamming cans around gates and stations will cause the gate/station guns to cycle through all of you ...2008.06.19 18:32:00
- Spreading the load across a greater number of systems would eliminate the problem. The thing is, it' ...2008.06.19 17:06:00
- The real question is...what is the NET damage output of the CNR and the Golem vs NPC rats in mission ...2008.06.16 08:36:00
- Both characters need to be in the same CORP and you only really need a single web to slingshot a fre ...2008.06.16 08:29:00
- CCP should ultimately be reviewing characters being traded for illegitimate ISK purchasing activitie ...2008.05.22 04:40:00
- Well, wardec's are meant for corp to corp, not corp to pod pilot. Pod pilots should be free to come ...2008.05.19 08:21:00
- <l33t pirate> HOW THE **** CAN YOU TELL THAT I'M 13 BY LOOKING AT WHAT I'M WRITEING????????????????? ...2008.05.17 00:11:00
- "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...damn parrot ate my R key." ...2008.05.16 23:58:00
- I killj00 tillj00 die from it! ...2008.05.16 23:50:00
- Dreads in siege mode are not affected by EW. ...2008.05.13 19:44:00
- Sec status hits make sense. Removing choke points like gates is a better solution. That is the singl ...2008.05.08 03:12:00

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