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- We are exactly what you are looking for:Raise your sec status the easy way ...2008.06.14 09:02:00
- Issuie resolved as I have recruited a Director of Recruitment to accept applications ...2008.06.11 16:42:00
- Thanks PanI have also secured the services of a recruitment director, so things should run as normal ...2008.06.11 16:39:00
- I will be unable to accept applications into the corp between 14th and the 30th June ...2008.06.09 21:03:00
- up you go ...2008.06.06 20:13:00
- I will be on vacation and be unable to accept applications between the 14th and the 31st of June. ...2008.06.06 20:12:00
- bumparage for great juctice ...2008.06.03 23:41:00
- Still accepting pirates into the unofficial 'Concord rehabilitation program' :) ...2008.06.03 23:41:00
- Does the OP mean I can suicide people sell the stuff and buy timecards?Therefore making eve cheap to ...2008.06.03 00:59:00
- Our new offices are stated belowIf You would like to join us/have any questions please put in a appl ...2008.06.03 00:15:00
- Our new offices have been opened as stated in the OPIf You would like to join us/have any questions ...2008.06.03 00:14:00
- Because CCP are leet ...2008.06.02 11:49:00
- Remember when this forums wasnt full of pricks and one could acutally ask a question without getting ...2008.06.02 11:46:00
- I can confirm Angelle is a real girl, a damn fine one at that too! ...2008.06.02 11:44:00
- we are also a Garmon free corp :) ...2008.06.02 11:14:00

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