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- 1 to "xS LorD" please ...2010.06.20 21:59:00
- Edited by: Kiyano on 20/06/2010 21:58:48 SOLD ...2010.06.20 20:13:00
- Located Amarr 1.6billion Contract is up ...2009.08.10 20:52:00
- I know I'm gonna get smacked for this but: Bridge to Tarabithia. The only reason I even watched i ...2007.09.03 04:57:00
- That is really really impressive, I don't usually post much on these forums these days but this one ...2007.08.31 23:47:00
- dude harsh... either you have metal in your fists or he's got fragile bones >.< ...2007.08.05 22:01:00
- Edited by: Kiyano on 27/07/2007 01:39:11 Yeah we can hope they'll look good, but if you think Nexus ...2007.07.27 01:39:00
- That's not the real translation. Correctly translated he is going crazy that people keep posting lin ...2007.07.25 01:44:00
- I really like Star Trek but this will be pretty crappy without pvp, it doesn't have to be forced pvp ...2007.07.25 01:43:00
- though they did end the film rather wrapped up.The Nebari threat? Furlow? Einstein's higher purpos ...2007.07.24 16:50:00
- They're far from cost effective at around 20 mill a bomb. Until a way of reducing the price comes al ...2007.07.24 12:01:00
- Revelations 3 patch has the trinity engine upgrades you speak of, It doesn't have an official date s ...2007.07.24 11:59:00
- All I can say to it really is, it better have Ben Browder... cause without him that series is nothin ...2007.07.24 11:44:00
- Anybody enjoy this series and the film?I personally thought it had some of the funniest humour and g ...2007.07.23 23:42:00
- If they base Halo movie from the game it will suck. period If they base Halo movie from the books i ...2007.07.23 11:17:00

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