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- Besides the odd client freeze which I had in the beginning of the Incursion client, this has mysteri ...2010.12.22 20:52:00
- Edited by: Vinya Az''riel on 05/12/2010 19:55:33 Gripen,You sure the tractor bonus calculation for ...2010.12.05 21:34:00
- Gripen,You sure the tractor bonus calculation for the Noctis is correct? EFT 2.13 show the max range ...2010.12.05 19:07:00
- ...The orca can indeed carry battlecruisers and below. Battlecruisers, plural?Last I checked I can ...2009.07.07 13:50:00
- A bit irrelevant since Chronotis latest post but anyway...First of I would like to introduce the con ...2009.07.07 13:23:00
- This topic seems to pop up once a month. I've an idea in the past that would further enhance the Orc ...2009.07.03 10:04:00
- Yeah! The rigs part is absolutely superb! Even if it will lead to a logistical nightmare for merc an ...2009.07.02 07:23:00
- Edited by: Bogu D on 02/07/2009 07:23:51 I've posted an idea in the past the could be an answer alt ...2009.07.02 07:04:00
- I meant to post this sooner but you sir rock!Great start for this program. I hope you're still motiv ...2009.05.05 09:07:00
- As my fellow capsuleers are aware, the transportation of rigged ships in quantities is very limited. ...2009.04.23 08:57:00
- May I direct you to my thread about a new Orca module that would increase it's ship carrying capabil ...2009.04.20 07:01:00
- @ Pushme Pullyou erm.. right. That could be an interesting side effect. I didn't look at carrier st ...2009.04.18 18:34:00
- I like your idea Abulurd for the ship hauler. In fact I can already picture it before me. An engine ...2009.04.18 13:05:00
- I did consider Freighters because of their lower skill requirements but they have no slots at all an ...2009.04.18 01:14:00
- I agree that the AS could use there old 4th bonus. But... if you truly want to differentiate the 2 t ...2009.04.17 13:13:00

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