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- -1 this time for good ...2011.06.25 15:45:00
- The only way I really see the Crusader as being useful is if you set it up to stay out of scram rang ...2011.02.25 02:29:00
- There's a rough system for fitting Minnie shield tanks.Tracking enhancers and largest tier guns are ...2010.01.28 18:27:00
- ABC leaving FW? Then WTF are we supposed to shoot at? Going up against PIE's plexing gangs all by yo ...2010.01.27 13:57:00
- FW is what you make of it. ...2010.01.26 07:58:00
- Edited by: Davina Braben on 18/12/2009 03:04:24 Well after a bit of experimentation today I think t ...2009.12.20 17:36:00
- Confirmed, finest work yet. ...2009.12.15 17:42:00
- Now squids can bring their fail threads to both fronts. Do a little dance. ...2009.12.07 14:37:00
- Can't say I'm surprised to see a nerf.But the point remains: just reduce the LP payout, or increase ...2009.11.25 17:26:00
- Hurricane, YES. ...2009.11.23 19:01:00
- There's no point in arguing the 'solo' moniker, because he doesn't use it. I'd say it's invalid anyw ...2009.11.06 17:02:00
- Wow, the OP should really look into some kind of vaginal saline rinse. I lol'd. ...2009.11.02 00:11:00
- Somebody came for my people.I know I just came for my people. ...2009.10.28 21:35:00
- This boost is just insane. Hirana mentioned the Firetail, I've flown that around quite a bit with a ...2009.10.25 22:35:00
- skip frigs and go for vaga it'll be like your only ship 4 lyfe mang true story ...2009.10.25 04:56:00

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