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- In fact is maybe easier to list the ships which don't need a balance Agreed. Anything with projecti ...2011.07.17 19:45:00
- Welcome to Eve!I do not have any suggestions for you although many will no doubt chime in. I do have ...2011.07.17 03:17:00
- Edited by: Patri Andari on 17/07/2011 02:50:34 I am considering making a covert ops alt and eventua ...2011.07.17 02:45:00
- I've been playing EVE for just over 4 months now (+- 4,5mil SP). I've been working towards acquiring ...2011.07.16 20:44:00
- Any of the posted fits will work.Drake can tank l4s but its damage output turns them into a real slo ...2011.07.15 22:57:00
- I keep feeling like a missile boat would be easier for low SP pilots like myself to begin level 4s d ...2011.07.15 03:31:00
- First: I know that 'dicters are primary made to deploy bubbles. But there are some weird facts:The ...2011.07.15 00:29:00
- Hi, being quite new to eve I've spent a lot of time trying all kinds of jobs and just learning how i ...2011.07.13 21:41:00
- Really? Are you kidding me? When you say blitzing you mean running the mission and not salvaging rig ...2011.07.11 17:32:00
- Edited by: Patri Andari on 30/06/2011 20:40:06 The reason it does not work is because the Orca is t ...2011.06.30 20:33:00
- Ninja tears? ...2011.06.28 16:45:00
- Not sure if I understand your gripe.I have been a champion for courier missions since I started play ...2011.06.28 00:53:00
- @ OPTL;DRBusinesses must balance benefit v. harm when choosing to do anything including enforcing TO ...2011.06.27 01:27:00
- Likewise, I didn't get my Amarr faction standing after finishing their arc. Got it fixed later via a ...2011.06.26 22:28:00
- I will give you an honest answer that will most likely be flamed but what the hell.Option 1 (optimal ...2011.06.26 22:24:00

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